What do 1,054 disability leaders from 65 countries spanning six out of seven continents have in common? 100% believe that organizations led by people with disabilities are left out of disaster relief funding from foundations, corporations and governments. When disability-led organizations are left out of funding and planning, people with disabilities are left without the support they need to maintain their health, safety independence, dignity and even their lives. This has already resulted in high death rates for people with disabilities in all disasters – including COVID-19.

That is why World Institute on Disability (WID), the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies (the Partnership), and ONG Inclusiva have joined forces to form the Global Alliance for Disability Resource Acceleration (Global Alliance or GADRA) as a “Call-to-Action” to galvanize disability-led organizations, foundations, corporations, and other allies to identify needs and link partners to accelerate assistance and resources, both during and after disasters


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