ONG Inclusiva (EN)

ONG INCLUSIVA is an institution specialized in the introduction of the disability variable in Disaster Risk Management. Winner of the Risk Award 2014.

Its mission is to work for an inclusive world from a community, systemic and comprehensive approach, by carrying out positive activities that unite discourse and action in favour of respecting the rights, autonomy and dignity of people with disabilities in Risk Management.

Its vision is to be recognized as an institution that works with empathy, innovation and efficiency for an inclusive world, carrying out our work with high ethical standards and professional seriousness.

Inclusiva NGO is a member and current representative of the GIRDD-LAC Network, member of GNDR, GAADRA, TG Disability and Disaster group, Movidos por Chile.

Inclusiva NGO has participated in large global, regional and national instances, among which we highlight the Sendai Framework 15, the Dhaka declaration, the Global and regional Platforms for inclusive management of disaster risk and disability.

Inclusiva NGO has participated in the global fight against COVID-19, contributing to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the creation of the first global COVID-19 and disability team, collaborating with governments in different countries and above all working with the community.

ONG Inclusiva has carried out numerous researches, reports, publications and educational materials on inclusive disaster risk and disability management.